Scheduled delivery dates: (East Bay, Tuesday 02/02/23), (South Bay and Peninsula, Wednesday 01/25/23), (SF & North Bay, Thursday 02/02/23).

Local Authentic Dim Sum

Who is Lee ?

Lee’s Deli is a local family business in the bay area, started by Lee in 1983.  The business grew with word of mouth and heavy foot traffic. We started out as a deli, doing sandwiches and in time evolved to include a salad bar, hot food buffet line, noodle soups, and homemade authentic dim sum, the beloved Chinese dumplings.

Business is in the family. The father, Lee, was born and raised in San Francisco. Lee’s father, the grandfather, owned a butcher shop where Lee would help after school when he was a teenager. From there, he started Lee’s Deli in the early 1980’s taking over a small deli on Kearny St in San Francisco’s financial district. Growing the business over the course of many years, having up to 11 locations all within the San Francisco bay area

Lee’s is now run by Sterling, Lee’s son, since 2015. With the changes from 2020 onwards Lee’s needed to change to keep the family business going. From this, Lee’s Dim Sum was born. Up until then, we had already been making authentic dim sum “in house” at a central location and then spreading it out to the individual stores. We figured we could continue this practice and started home delivery of frozen dim sum service to customers.

Our mission is to provide many options of quality food at an affordable price. We do this while sticking to the traditions that allowed us to grow but also innovating with the ever-changing times.