Scheduled delivery dates: (East Bay, Tuesday 02/02/23), (South Bay and Peninsula, Wednesday 01/25/23), (SF & North Bay, Thursday 02/02/23).

How to determine your delivery date for your order

Our deliveries are determined by your delivery address' region (See Below to determine your address' region) and when you placed your order. The daily cutoff time is to be included on our next day's regionally deliveries is 4PM. 


Example: You place a order at 3PM on Monday for a delivery in Oakland.

Delivery Date: Tuesday (Next Day)


Example 2: You place a order at 8PM on Monday for a delivery in Oakland.

Delivery Date: Friday


The following is our regional delivery schedule and the delivery dates for each region. You will get an email the night before delivery, which will give you a estimated window of delivery.

East Bay - Tuesdays and Fridays

Peninsula & South Bay - Wednesdays and Fridays

San Francisco - Thursdays and Fridays

Marin - Mondays and Thursdays

North Bay (Vallejo Area) - Mondays and Tuesdays